Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed
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 Preview Book  Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed is what other natural cures books were supposed to have been, but weren't. It does not merely list what works and what does not. It explains the hows and whys in a very straightforward manner. Your doctor is not your healer. He is your dealer. That is why diabetes drugs cause full-onset diabetes, cholesterol medications cause sudden-onset heart attacks, and why radiation from cancer screenings causes cancer. The system is designed to be self perpetuating, and to prevent us from ever being free. There is no money to be made from healthy patients, nor is there profit in having dead patients. The money is made somewhere in the middle, in patients who are alive, but barely.

We have condensed seven years of research concerning all of the things that doctors never tell us, and we teach how to break free of the medical treadmill. Natural alternatives are explained in every chapter, to demonstrate the healing power of God's natural medicines. By discovering how corrupt the system is, our readers will never see things the same way again.

The medical establishment is one of few industries that remains well respected, because it has cunningly been able to manipulate the public and the media -- much more than any other industry. As one of the hundreds of examples given in the book, cancer patients with no treatment at all statistically live four times longer and have a better quality of life, making virtually any alternative therapy more effective. The mortality census shows that properly prescribed medications cause more deaths in the United States every year than any war in its history, and this omits the medical mistakes and the deaths by surgery.

Most of the alternative media promotes frauds, such as "spiritual energy healing", radiation, "urine therapy", or they promote harmful non-food items as "superfoods". We research legitimate alternative therapies, which were standard therapies prior to the early part of the twentieth century, before the medical schools were hijacked by the American Medical Association and the Rockefeller Foundation. One of the reasons why alternative medicine is routinely mocked is because most of what has been presented as alternative medicine is not medicine at all. Instead, it consists of new-age occultism. Much of it dates back to the forbidden religious practices of the ancient Egyptians. Our dedication to the truth and to using the tools that we have been given is one of the reasons why we refer to our healing methodologies as "God's medicine". We are giving credit where it is due, and conveying that the human body was not designed to be broken.

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Most people retain information best when they hear it. Former radio announcer Philip D. Moore narrated Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed. His timing and emphasis expressed perfectly the comical moments of the book. He gave us exactly what we asked for: a smooth and authoritative voice that is never condescending or uppity. He gave our book the voice that it deserves, as if he had been made for the job. You are welcome to listen to our audio book preview. Purchase the audio book from Audible, Amazon, or iTunes.

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This prolific 598-page encyclopedia is a condensed and revised collection of our best investigations from a seven year period. It is easy on the eyes and nearly impossible to put down. If you wish to have the best reading experience, then definitely go with one of the paper versions that are available here. They are being sold directly by the authors, so these are the best prices anywhere.

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Table of Contents



A Sick Industry
The First Anti-depressant
The Texas State University Massacre
The Columbine High School Massacre
The Interview with John DeCamp
The Depression Business and F.D.A. Science
S.S.R.I. Drugs are not Selective
The Real Anti-Depressant Side Effects
The Mothers Act
The Fluoride Connection
More Effective and Safer Alternatives
The Avoidance of Pain
Alcoholics Anonymous
The Big Psychiatric Picture
S.S.R.I. Victim: Kurt Danysh
The Anti-Depressant Legal Defense


Why the Amish Do Not Get Autism
Creating the Polio Pandemic
The Vaccine Information War
New and Bizarre Food Allergies
Dr. Diane Harper
Hepatitis B Vaccine
Taste Your Own Medicine
Exemptions for "Mandatory" Vaccines
Dirty Pediatrician Tricks
Vaccine Liability
Vaccine Politics
Vaccine Ingredients

Women's Health

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Infertility and Hormones
Midwives and Home Birthing
Cesarean -- "C-Sections"
Toxic Tampons
Early Puberty
Low Platelet Counts, Thrombocytopenia, and Pregnancy

A Poisoned World

Deodorants and Antiperspirants
Chewing Gum
Non-Stick Cookware
Air Fresheners
MSG and L-Taurine
Bastardized Beef
Unhealthy Fish
Chemical Fertilizers and Modern Produce
U.S. Senate Document 264
Sodium Benzoate in Soft Drinks
Anti-Bacterial Soaps and Hand Sanitizers
Skin Health and Lotions
Sunscreen Lies and Cosmetic Trade Secrets
Laundry Products
Metal Drinking Bottles
Modified Food Starch
Hidden Dangers of Tap Water
The Smoker Massacre
Toxic Restaurants
High Efficiency Light Bulbs
Radioactive Patients
A Chinese Christmas
Vegetarians Should Consume Hemp Instead of Soy
Soy Products
Canola Oil
Identifying Poisonous Plastics
Poisoned Food Cans
Infant Formula

Alternative Medicine

Allergies and Candida
Arthritis and Joint Pain
Attention Deficit Disorder
Bell's Palsy
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cluster Headaches
Colds and Flu
Colloidal Silver
Erectile Dysfunction
Female Hair Loss
Gallstones and Gallbladder Attacks
Kidney Stones
Lyme Disease
Migraine Headaches
Parasites and Lupus
Shingles and Chicken Pox
Weekend Headaches


The Carnage
Cancer Industry Lies
Dr. Johanna Budwig
The Budwig Protocol
Additional Anti-Cancer Therapies
The A.C.S. Admitted Untreated Cancers Can Go Away Naturally
J.A.M.A. Admitted Chemotherapy and Radiation Lead to Premature Death

Heart Disease

Broken Hearts and Ticking Time Bombs
Heart Disease and Cholesterol
Congestive Heart Failure
Causes of Heart Disease
Heart Attacks Which Strike the Healthy
Reversing Heart Disease
Emergency Treatment for Heart Attacks


A Medical Quagmire
Manufacturing Diabetics
Type 2 Diabetes
Type 1 Diabetes
Curing Diabetes


Fraudulent Health Products
Body pH and Disease
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Shaken Baby Syndrome
Cleansing and Detoxifying
Cooking Oil Safety
Sea Salt Versus Table Salt
Dishonest Labeling
Aspirin and Heart Attacks
Heirloom Seeds and Tainted Varieties

Nutrition and Diet

The Green Drink
Homemade Bread
Dieting Right
The Perverted U.S.D.A. Food Pyramid
God's Nutrition: From the Big Guy Himself

Medical Victims

Shane Geiger
Michael J. Fox
Patrick Swayze
Phil Collins

Fraudulent Alternative Medicine

Just Like Magic
Urine Therapy
Dr. Stanilaw Burzynski
Sun Gazing
Electromagnetic Therapy
Anti-Radiation Devices
Sacred Geometry
Krill Oil
Shark Cartilage
Nutritional Yeast and Brewers Yeast
Organs as Food
Raw Meat and Fish
Iodine Drinking
Transdermal Magnesium
Green Coffee Beans
Seaweed, Algae, and Other 'Super Foods'
Copper Supplementation
Detox Food Pads and Ionic Foot Cleanses
Silica Supplementation
The H.C.G. Diet ("hCG")
DCA (dichloroacetic acid)
Magnet Therapy
The Cult of Vegetarianism
Dr. Andrew Weil
Mike Adams
M.M.S. - "The Miracle Mineral Solution"
Additional Frauds


G.E. Patented Swine Flu
Genetic Engineering Horrors
Monsanto's rBGH Milk
PLU Numbers and Genetically-Engineered Produce
The Bee Genocide


Flax Oil and Omega-3
Natural Stimulants
Cayenne Pepper
Cherry Supplements
Hemp Supplementation
Indian Tobacco
General Recommendations
Consumer Lab

Quick Tips

Food Poisoning
Remedying Hangovers
Eye Drops
Whitening Teeth
Lemon Pineapple Drink for pH
Sore Throat Remedy
Coughing and Lung Inflammation Remedy
Diarrhea Remedy
Indigestion and Heartburn
Curing Stomach Ulcers
Radiation Poisoning
Juice Concentrate
Gnat Control
Morning Nausea
Poison Oak and Poison Ivy

Emergency Medicine

Activated Carbon
Bee, Wasp, and Hornet Stings
Brown Recluse Spider Bites
Snake Bite Treatments
Broken Bones

Dental Health

Brushing and Sugars
Vitamin C Problems
Tooth Remineralization
Toothache Remedies
Teeth Grinding
Wisdom Teeth and Memory
Fluoride Lies

Juicing Recipes

Socialized Medicine

The Authors

Thanks and Legal Notices


The Authors

C. Thomas Corriher Sarah C. Corriher

Thomas Corriher and Sarah Corriher are refreshingly honest, which often means that they are hated by both sides equally. They have produced a plethora of media throughout the past seven years, including audio shows and the documentary, "The Cancer Report".

There is a significant upswing of interest in alternative medicine; but the authors convey that most of the related media is lacking in quality, integrity, facts, and scientific principles. They express that there has been something of a self-perpetuating cycle, wherein alternative medicine has been somewhat commandeered by the pagan religions. Not only do the authors provide a message of hope, but they show that true religion and true science are not enemies.

The Corrihers spend most of their time freely providing advice by e-mail and telephone from their humble home in North Carolina. Thomas lives with his wife Andrea, his teenage son Zachary, and his adopted daughter Sarah, who is the co-author. Neither Thomas nor Sarah has time for a social life anymore, but they have found their work to be immensely rewarding. The line between friends and fans has become blurred over time. The best way to learn more about the authors is to listen to their audio shows, because they hold nothing back.

The authors are available for radio and other media interviews.